My talk Docker for PHP Developers at PHP.RUHR

I'm very excited to give a talk at the PHP.RUHR conference in Dortmund. This conference takes place on November 10th for the third time in the Ruhr area, which is the largest metropolitan region in Germany. In addition to the programming language PHP, related topics such as IT security, databases and web hosting are also highlighted at the event. There are fifteen talks in all on this day, plus a workshop.

Docker for PHP Developers

Docker for PHP Developers

Everyone talks about Docker and you might think Docker already belongs to the standard repertoire. In fact, Docker is revolutionizing web development. In minutes, a whole web server stack is set up to simulate the live environment. Why is Docker very good for PHP developers, you can learn in this talk. I introduce the Docker ecosystem and how to create your own Docker images and multi-container applications. In addition to a classic PHP webserver stack, I also give a few tips on general problems and what new challenges are coming to you.

This is my third talk this year. I got a lot of feedback on the other talks, which helps me to improve them. If you will be an attendee at the PHP.RUHR conference, don't hesitate to drop some notes here about my talk.

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