I'm proud to announce my first blog post which is brought to you by Docker and Ghost. If you are not familiar with Docker, i highly encourage you to have a closer look at this great technology and the ecosystem around Docker.

You only need two steps to run this on your server. First you have to install Docker on your server or local. For the second step i simply use a Docker image for Ghost.

Ok, you have installed Docker right?! Then let's run two Docker commands to start your own Ghost blog. Please refer also Ghost install guide.

:$ docker pull dockerfile/ghost
:$ docker run -d -p 80:2368 dockerfile/ghost

Some Docker resources

If you want to dive deeper into Docker here are some resources which should help you to find your way. By the way it is highly recommended to use CoreOS for Docker, but it also runs great on other Linux distributions.

Article picture: Hanjin Container Ship by Ingrid Taylar under CC BY 2.0