I'm thrilled to give two talks in September on different conferences. This is my first time, to be a Speaker on such a stage. I am very happy to have been accepted. Hopefully you can join and enjoy my talks. The first talk on 24th September in Dresden is about PHP Docker builds and the second one on 30th September in Hamburg is about PHP profiler.

The Way to Hassle Free Docker PHP Web Stack Deployments

PHP Developer Day 2016 in Dresden

The PHP Developer Day in Dresden is a free conference and brought to you by move:elevator and the PHP USERGROUP DRESDEN e.V.. Some of the great speakers are Bernhard Schussek, Sebastian Heuer and Benjamin Cremer. And of course, the members of PHPUGDD Holger Woltersdorf, Tommy Mühle and Patrick Pächnatz have awesome talks too. Don't hesitate to grab your free ticket now to join us on 24th September.

I will speak about The Way to Hassle Free Docker PHP Web Stack Deployments. Good things come in small containers. A typical PHP web server stack has at least three Docker containers. A nginx, PHP-FPM and a database Docker image is created quickly for development, but the way for deployment is longer as you think. This talk is about single source of truth, rebuild any version, any service, any time, and what's going on in my app aka logging. The persistence of data is not missed. If the build is ready, the deployment can be done, or maybe not?

A new era of PHP profiler

code.talks in Hamburg

The code.talks conference in Hamburg has more than 1500 attendees and is one of the biggest conferences in europe. There are more than eighty talks on two days from 29th - 30th September. The level of the talks reaches from basic till experts. This is really awesome.

I will speak about A new era of PHP profiler. Xdebug and XHProf belong to the old generation, but they work properly. But the new PHP profiler revolutionize the analysis of PHP applications. Bottlenecks or inefficient code are things of the past now. Why and how to profile the PHP code and what is the difference between Profiling and Benchmarking? This talk has not only answers to these questions. We take a closer look to SensioLabs Blackfire, Tideways and Zend Z-Ray.

I want to thank my employer prooph software GmbH, which gives me the free time to be at the conference.