This page contains an overview about my open source projects on GitHub.

BlockchainApiWallet for ZF2

You want an easy client for the blockchain wallet api?

You want to configure request, call the service and access the response data via objects?

You want to display bitcoin in mBTC or uBTC?

This module comes to the rescue!

Zend Framework 2 client library for blockchain wallet api. The usage is simple. Configure request, call the service and access the response data via objects.

More details about BlockchainApiWallet ZF2 module on GitHub

Casperion Ghost theme

Full text search

Disqus comments

Highlight.js integration

Google analytics

Top pinned navigation bar and off-canvas menu

Minified css and js

Casperion is a free Ghost theme powered by SASS. The theme is based upon original Ghost theme Casper with some minor modifications and extensions.

Casperion is a lightweight and speed optimized theme for Ghost. Casperion theme gets Grade A for both PageSpeed and YSlow reported by GTmetrix.

More details about Casperion Ghost theme on GitHub

CI-Tools for PHP

You want one repository which loads common php qa tools?

You want examples of all the beautiful services around github for php analysis?

You want to be a badge poser?

This module comes to the rescue!

The composer.json contains definitions of QA tools for travis-ci, coveralls and scrutenizer integration. So it's really easy to integrate these tools.

More details about CI-Tools for PHP on GitHub

CodeGenerator for ZF2

You want to concentrate on the important things in your project and do not waste time with standard goodies?

You want surefire input filter and forms depending on your database or doctrine 2 meta data?

You want forms and input filter that are universally used and combined?

This module comes to the rescue!

Zend Framework 2 code generator which generates form and input filter depending on database or Doctrine 2 meta data. Create new forms and input filter in seconds with your namespace and parent class.

More details about CodeGenerator ZF2 module on GitHub

EasyConfig for ZF2

You want to configure your factories via your module config?

You want to configure option classes via module config for your plugin manager?

You want to add other services via module config to a factory?

This module comes to the rescue!

EasyConfig provides some abstract factories and some interfaces to easily create instances depending on configuration or retrieve specified module options.

More details about EasyConfig ZF2 module on GitHub

HtmlElement for ZF2

You want html tags as objects?

You want surefire generated html tags and html attributes?

You want to generate html tags on the fly?

This module comes to the rescue!

Zend Framework 2 view helper plugin for generating HTML tags. Use HTML tags as objects and manipulate HTML attributes and values.

More details about HtmlElement ZF2 module on GitHub

Z-Ray-Doctrine2 for Zend Server

Displays information about your Doctrine entities

Displays information about your Doctrine queries

This is an extension to add functionality to the Zend Server Z-Ray. It will result in additional tab(s) to be presented in the browser.

More details about Z-Ray-Doctrine2 for Zend Server on GitHub